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Standard Product

The montion extension cables are the key parts connecting the motor and the driver, which contain power cable, encoder feedback cable and brake cable etc..

Main features

As the authority on the motion control field,except the motors and the drivers, Moons also provide systemic and professional montion extension cable. The connectors of the cables are diverse. They can be applied to connecting the motors and the drivers, not only for Moons’ own brand, but also some other main brands, for example, Panasonic and Delta etc. We can provide one-stop service and meet the various requirements of the customers.

According to the different performance and cost requirements of the customers, our montion extension cables are defined as several grade for choosing freely, so the customers can find the suitable products easily and fleetly.

Power Cable Series

Performance Parameter

  • Temperature:-10℃—80℃

  • Rated current:

  • ≤ 6.5A (172159-1)

  • ≤ 12.5A (350780-1)

  • ≤ 20A (CPC connector)

  • IP Level: IP67 (Only for CPC connector)

  • Flexibility: Designed for 5 million alternating bending cycles (Only for flexible cable)

  • Hazardous Substances: RoHS

Encoder Feedback Cable Series


  • Temperature: -10℃—80℃

  • IP Level: IP67 (Only for CPC connector)

  • Flexibility: Designed for 5 million alternating bending cycles (Only for flexible cable)

  • Hazardous Substances: RoHS

Household Appliances

Ever since it was established in 2000, MOONS’ has engaged in the household appliance industry and accumulated rich experience over ten years. At present, our wiring harness products cover white household appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioners) and other small household appliances (such as coffeemakers, electric irons, drinks machines and vacuum cleaners). Our wiring harnesses for household appliances generally adopt a complete set of modular designs and compact structures. Waterproof performance is achieved by using the Grommet online direct injection process, and powerfully guaranteed by being integrated into the assembly process. The testing equipment self-developed by the Company can realize the integrative testing of such functions of product components as the on-off switch, other switches, sensors and LEDs, effectively improving the reliability of the products. In addition, our automatic production equipment and advanced assembly lines ensure all-weather production capacity, and our mature professional supply chain system ensures raw material supply. We have the ability to provide supporting services for most of the top manufacturers of household appliances.

HVAC Systems

Our HVAC equipment mainly includes household boilers, water heaters and so on. This series of products always adopts high temperature-resistant materials (typical temperature resistance can be up to 200℃) due to the high temperature of their operating environment. The connectors generally meet GWT750 standards after being tested via the glowing wire resistance experiment. In addition, the waterproof performance requirements of our products are met by using the Grommet online direct injection process. Our HVAC equipment is always equipped with standard component interfaces such as gas valve interfaces, igniter interfaces and three-way valves. After many years of accumulated experience, the Company has designed and developed a series of HVAC equipment wiring harness standard interfaces with high universality and installation convenience. In addition, using the equipment testing integrative process can effectively improve the reliability of the products.

Medical Devices

The Company has engaged in long-term cooperation with world-famous medical and laboratory equipment manufacturers, accumulating rich experience. We can provide reliable wiring harness solutions for various equipment including laboratory analyzers, medical imaging equipment and monitoring instruments. This series of wiring harness products has a variety of materials and types, such as shield cables, fire-resistant wires, coaxial cables, high-precision high-speed connectors, and all kinds of components. The complexity of the structure depends upon its different functional requirements. The assembly-test process model can ensure the consistent and stable quality of the products, and effectively improve their reliability. Moreover, our diversified supply chain channels and flexible processing and supply model can satisfy customer demand for small batches and many varieties.

Banking Equipment

The Company has more than 10 years of banking equipment wiring harness manufacturing experience and the capacity to process ultra-complex wiring harnesses with 300 to 500 breakover points. This series of wiring harness products possesses diversified interface types, mainly including power supply interfaces (power supply), data transmission interfaces (RS232, USB & RJ45), video signal interfaces (DVI & VGA), audio signal interfaces (Audio 2.0) and so on. As for special moving parts, MOONS’ can provide special cable solutions for dragging chains so as to provide reliable power and signal transmission during the continuous moving process. In addition, the Company can provide a complete set of parts assembly services according to customer requirements, as well as optimizing the supply chain and simplifying management for its customers.

Industrial Equipment

The industrial equipment wiring harness products manufactured by MOONS’ are widely used in many fields including textile machinery, automated equipment and printing equipment. The wiring harness products in this series have complex structures and many different kinds of parts, involving various components. The Company’s diversified supplier channels can meet customer demand for small batches and many varieties. In addition, the Company’s excellent manufacturing equipment, good assembly technology, fool-proof mature process technology and assembly-test process can powerfully guarantee the stability of product quality.

Assembly Technology

By virtue of its considerable technology accumulation and diversified supply chain advantages, MOONS’ is transforming from a traditional wiring harness manufacturing enterprise to an assembly technology expert. Our mature wiring harness manufacturing and wiring capacity has laid the foundation for high quality assembly products, and our integrated product assembly services can optimize the supply chain management of its customers. The Company has provided the assembly technology products of banking equipment and industrial equipment for its customers, and received positive feedback.