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Service Capability

MOONS’ always abides by the principle of meeting our client’s needs, and we provide continuous services in the following aspects:

  • We have established a customized project planner to quickly respond to the urgent requirements of our clients and provide them with localized services

  • We have defined a win-win operation strategy for the structural requirements of various products through our professional ERP system management

  • We offer a professional logistics system to provide customers with quick and flexible services through such advantages as the free trade zone and global service network

Detection Technology

MOONS’ possesses a complete set of excellent testing equipment that covers precision measurement, electric performance testing, mechanical performance testing, environmental testing and life testing. In this set, the laboratory equipment mainly includes the temperature rising experiment machine, grounding resistance tester, LCR digital electric bridge, voltage drop tester, digital insulation resistance tester, power plug comprehensive tester, profile analyzer, multi-function wire tester, electronic universal testing machine, 3D (OGP) measuring instrument, Rockwell hardness tester, EDXRF element spectrum analyzer (RoHS testing), high, low and constant temperature test chamber, salt spray test chamber, simulative vibration test bench, impact experiment table, drop test equipment, bending tester and so on. Our online testing equipment includes the on-off tester, pressure monitor, etc. Perfect monitoring equipment can fully guarantee the reliability of products.

Manufacturing Prowess

We adopt domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipment and proprietary production technology. It is our goal to ensure zero defects in each step of the actual production process. The combination of our efficient assembly lines and flexible cell production can meet the production demands of different businesses and various quantities.